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On January  2nd of 2017, Chum Puck founder Darren Wojcik and co-founder Jeff Sawyer were on Lake Winnipeg doing what they love doing the most which is fishing for the world famous Greenback Walleye.  On their way out to the lake, they stopped at the local tackle shop to pick up some bait when they noticed a relatively new fizzing fish attractant. They purchased some bait and the fizzing fish attractant and were very excited that all they had to do was to get to the lake and drop one of these fizzing fish attractants into the water and all the fish would be brought to them.

Sadly it wasn't that easy and not many fish were caught that day. The very next day they headed right back to the same tackle shop to get more bait and this time they got several tubes of the fizzing fish attractant. After 8 hours of fishing in many of their favorite spots
dropping several of these fizzing fish attractant balls at each location producing only a few bites and no fish. Since they were not catching fish they had plenty of time to talk. They discussed what the possible reasons were why these fish attractants were not attracting any fish. They couldn't understand why it wasn't working because they both thought that "in theory" it should work fantastically.  All day while fishing, the entire ride home and the next several days, all they discussed is what would have to be done differently to create a product that would actually attract fish. They took their 60 combined years of fishing experience and consulted with some of their friends to determine what they needed to do to make a product that would out perform the attractant that just didn't work.

With all the research done, it was time to get to the Science of Chum Pucks.  It's amazing how many recipes and even versions of recipes were rejected before we started to see any form of a successful puck. One thing the Chum Puck is not is a bath bomb.  The Chum Puck is nothing short of pure science.

We had to figure out how to develop a formula that is of the proper density to ensure the puck sinks in water and does not float back up to the surface as it deteriorates.  We had to figure out how to create a product that would create large bubbles and not just fizz.  We had to figure out how to make a product that would last an amazing 30 minutes while submerged.  We had to figure out which scents worked best with each formula.

It's been a crazy, educational, humbling, frustrating but mostly fun ride for the last 8 months but we know we have an amazing new product that can help you to catch fish.